About us

Westgate Data Center is a secure data storage facility in Amarillo, Texas.

Westgate Data Center came about to provide the solution for regional data backup and cloud services for the businesses and residents in the Texas Panhandle. In 2018, Tim Monaghan, owner of Westgate Computers, began the process of turning his dream into reality; creating a custom, state-of-the-art data center, and backing it with a team of experts, bringing to the table 100 combined years of IT experience.

Supporting our top notch team, is industry leading hardware and software as the heart of our Data Center. Palo Alto Networks, Liebert cooling and power, Dell EMC servers, VMWare Cloud Foundation, and Cummins power generation just to name a few. Below-ground installation of all of these products ensures continuous operation of the facility, resistant to disasters both natural and man made.


Westgate Data Center is backed by Westgate Computers, a Managed Services Provider and complete computer sales and service facility. Authorized by major brand names such as Apple, Dell, and Lenovo, Westgate Computers is the all-in-one Solution for any of your IT and computer needs, and you can visit them at www.westgatecomputers.com

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Our Mission

At Westgate Data Center, our mission is to safeguard your digital future through our cutting-edge server-based cloud service for data backup and data recovery. We are dedicated to providing reliable, secure, and affordable solutions that empower businesses and individuals to protect their critical data assets.

Let us provide you with our server based cloud solutions, and experience peace of mind and complete data confidence. At Westgate Data Center, we stand by your side, ensuring your data remains secure, accessible, and resilient, today and into the future.



Tim Monaghan

Tim Monaghan is the owner of Westgate Data Center. The Data Center concept was developed based on the needs of the customers of Westgate Computers.

Since 1999, Tim Monaghan has owned Westgate Computers, adapting it to Texas Panhandle customer needs. With an Economics and Business Administration degree from Hillsdale College, he began at Chevrolet Motor Division in Detroit, MI, specializing in Fleet Sales and Dealer Organization. Tim advanced to district sales manager across multiple states, refining business management and customer service skills. This background fueled Westgate Computers' growth into a leading IT solutions provider

With Westgate Data Center, Monaghan intends to provide a state-of-the-art environment for data storage and system security.

VP of Operations

Brad Sanders

I began my technology career in 1997 building computers for a local computer company. As the company grew, I ascended to the position of VP of Marketing.

In 1999, Brad joined Westgate Computers as the General Manager, taking charge of operations while concurrently serving as the primary salesperson. With the establishment of Westgate Data Center, Brad transitioned into the role of Head of Sales, contributing not only to sales leadership but also actively participating in overall company management.
Director of Managed Services & Cybersecurity

Chad Levendoski

Chad, a 2011 graduate of College America in Denver, initially gained experience at IBM before transitioning to a Level II Tech role at a local Mental Health Company.

Chad, a 2011 graduate of College America in Denver, initially gained experience at IBM before transitioning to a Level II Tech role at a local Mental Health Company. His career ascended within the company, ultimately landing him the role of Database Administrator in Denver. In 2022, he made the move to Amarillo and joined Westgate Computers in September. Starting as a Level II tech, Chad quickly advanced to become the Director of Managed Services/Cybersecurity for Westgate Computers.